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How to spend your honeymoon in Glasgow (!)

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Yes - you did read that correctly!

We were delighted to have our first ever honeymoon guests on tour today - and we are all in agreement that there few better ways to spend your honeymoon than a bike tour in Glasgow :)

Maybe the Glaswegian honeymoon market could prove to be the next big thing 🤔 At the the very least I'm sure there's a belter of a Tik Tok video just waiting to be made.

Anyway, the couple was looking for the best things to do in Glasgow with their travel agent/honeymoon planner, who was obviously a very good one, and arrived at a Gallus Pedals tour. This allowed them to see some of Glasgow's finest attractions, get some exercise, see a different part of the city and of course learn about some of the social history in the city.


Overall, the tour was a success and with the happy couple being from Colorado, the milder climes of Glasgow proved the perfect conditions.

Some feedback from the lovely couple below:

We enjoyed learning about the company Gallus Pedals and their far reaching goals. This tour allowed us to see Glasgow in a far better way than any other tour could. It gets you into the nooks and the crannies, to see beautiful pathways, but also allows you a further range than just walking. It was not a difficult ride, and was full of fun! Bree D

And yes, the couple are still married.



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