Gallus Pedals - first fundraising tour!

One of the real privileges of starting Gallus Pedals is meeting some fantastic people who do amazing work.

We were delighted to run a Gallus Pedals tour for some of the staff and volunteers of Mary's Meals in August of 2022. Whilst we've always been aware of Mary's Meals, it was only upon launching Gallus Pedals and looking at prospective charity partners that we became fully aware of the sheer scale and magnitude of their work. It's truly inspiring to see a Scottish charity organisation having a positive impact on the developing world.

As all Gallus Pedals tours focus on the impacts of colonialism, including those which Glasgow / Scotland / UK has reaped the rewards of but also those which have had a lasting negative impact both here and overseas, it's ideal to find an organisation which whilst they may not explicitly say so, are in some way offsetting some of the lasting negative effects of imperialism. However more than that, it's just great to work with an organisation who do great work for a great cause.

So, through collaboration with Mary's Meals, we managed to raise enough funds to provide 8 kids in developing world school meals for the entire academic year. Following the success of this, we are now actively on the lookout for further fundraising opportunities and additional charity partners - so contact us if you can think of any :)!

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