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Gallus Pedals - first fundraising tour with Mary's Meals!

Updated: Feb 9

One of the real privileges of starting Gallus Pedals is meeting some fantastic people who do amazing work.

Through collaboration with Mary's Meals, we managed to raise enough funds to provide 8 kids in developing world school meals for the entire academic year.


If you do a tour of Glasgow, it's very hard not to see some impacts of colonialism, so it's great to find an organization that whilst they may not explicitly say so, are in some way offsetting some of the lasting negative effects of Scotland's colonial past.

However more than that, it's just great to work with an organization who do great work for a great cause.

This tour took in our Glasgow Classics route which you can read more about that in our blog overview here.

About Mary's Meals

Mary's Meals is a Scottish-based charity that provides daily school meals to some of the world's poorest children, helping to attract and retain them in education. The organization was founded in 2002 and has since grown to become one of the largest school feeding organizations in the world, reaching over 2 million children in over 18 countries - wow! It's amazing to think that an organization with such a global impact still has its HQ in Scotland.

The focus of Mary's Meals is on providing a nutritious daily meal in a place of education. This not only helps combat hunger and malnutrition, but also helps children receive an education that can offer them a way out of poverty in the future. Mary's Meals work in communities where poverty and hunger are persistent and where often parents and communities may feel unable to attend school. By providing a daily meal in school, Mary's Meals helps to create a safe and welcoming environment where children can learn, grow and flourish.

The charity operates with a simple mission: to provide one daily meal in a place of education for children who would otherwise go hungry. This approach not only addresses immediate hunger but also lays the foundation for a better future. Mary's Meals' goal is to ensure that every child receives an education that will help them break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives.


Too many highlights to pick a favorite. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Glasgow by bike. Martin has excellent people skills, knowledge about the city, and great wee stories to tell. A bonus for me was the bikes were saved from the scrap heap. Refurbished former post office bikes with the comfiest saddles. Each bike is named after a Glasgow woman. Mine was Isabella Elder … a fab tour with an excellent guide… well done and thank you. Julia-Anne on Tripadvisor
Well-planned route for our group. Martin was very well-informed and had so many interesting stories for us about the places we visited. Despite most of us being from Glasgow, we learned so much about our surroundings. We had a really enjoyable morning and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone from Glasgow or beyond! Anjali on Tripadvisor
This is a brilliant tour. Bikes are excellent with big comfy saddles and baskets at the front. The route is well chosen and Martin is such a good guide! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Highly recommend this tour company. Mary on Tripadvisor

Gallus Pedals are looking for more partner organizations

Following the success of this, we are now actively on the lookout for further fundraising opportunities and additional charity partners - so contact us if you can think of any :)!

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