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What is the coolest thing to do in Glasgow right now?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Gallus Pedals has now been recognized by Visit Scotland as a 4-Star Tourist attraction!

“Congratulations to the team at Gallus Pedals on receiving this 4-Star Quality Assurance Award. This is a testament to the high-quality experience on offer, and makes a welcome contribution to Glasgow’s growing credentials as a responsible tourism destination." Martin Breslin, Regional Partnerships Executive at VisitScotland.

Yep, we knew our bike tours were good but external recognition is always nice of course.

Gallus Pedals Bike Tours received an Excellent rating from Visit Scotland
Gallus Pedals Bike Tours - ''An exceptional offering'

To give some context to what this means, we've listed some of our favorite stops on Gallus Pedals tours and provided their rating - we are definitely in good company!

  • People's Palace - 3 Star

  • Hunterian Museum - 4 Star

  • Kelvingrove Museum - 5 Star

  • Riverside Museum - 5 Star

Next Steps

Whilst we're delighted to get this in year 1 - we will of course take the time to fully understand what we have to do to get to a 5-star rating :)

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make Gallus Pedals one of the coolest things to do in Glasgow right now.

For more info on our tours, you can check out the Glasgow Alternative Bike Tour or the Glasgow Classic Bike Tour.


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