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The Glasgow Irish

Updated: 3 days ago

What a fun day out on the bikes!

Our friend Colm Keegan had asked us to participate in a documentary on the Irish diaspora in Glasgow - which proved to be great fun

The video below is just a small part of a broader series that was broadcast by StageIt, and the focus of this one is on the influence of Irish immigration on the formation of what is one of the biggest manifestations of Irish emigration across the world - Celtic Football Club!

Watching the video, there are a few things that jump out to me: the first is how great parts of the East End look, and secondly, I need to lay off the pies!

Was great to visit the An Gorta Mor statue as part of this too - one of our stops on the

Gallus Pedals Glasgow Alternative Tour which focuses on part of the East End. Here it is below:

The final part of the video includes an interview with Tony Hamilton (@PolishTurnstile), CEO of the Celtic FC Foundation, who spoke very eloquently on how the principles and ethos of the formation of 'Celtic' play an integral part in the work of the Foundation today. It also gave us the opportunity for a few selfies inside ;)


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