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Trailblazers: The Women who Inspired Gallus Pedals

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

We like to think of Gallus Pedals Bike Tours as a unique experience that combines the excitement of discovering Glasgow's hidden gems with the thrill of cycling. Our bikes have been refurbished to the highest standard, making your ride comfortable and enjoyable, and to give each of our bikes that extra bit of personality, each of them carries the name of a famous (often not so) Glaswegian woman!

Due to being a refurbished ex-post office bike, each of these bikes has its personality and, in some cases, we’ve chosen a bike that has parallels with the story of the women. In other cases, we simply thought there was a cool story worth resharing. We should also point out that our definition of Glaswegian is someone who has a connection to Glasgow and has spent considerable time here or who has a story intertwined with the city. We think that by referencing the women as part of our tour experience, we're paying homage to their unique life stories and their contributions to the city, and hope to bring to life their stories for our guests.

Our guests love this aspect of the bike tour experience. They enjoy hearing the odd snippet of the women’s life stories as they ride through the city. It's a great way to add an extra layer of customer experience to the tour and gives our guests another little connection to the city.

We will update this blog with links to our blogs on these women in due course - so please check back in...

So, if you are interested in hearing or learning more, say hi in the comments section and we'll be in touch!



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