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What to Bring on your Tour

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

So you're about to come on your first (hopefully not the last!) Gallus Pedals bike tour!

We're aware that many of you may be slightly nervous, particularly those who haven't cycled since they were a kid. The good news is there's really not a lot you need to bring. The key thing is to wear weather appropriate clothes (this includes everything from taps aff to baltic). Clearly, those who have spent any time in Glasgow will be aware that what you may have at the start of the tour may not be perfect for the end of the tour so here's a rough list below:

So, in addition to the usual weather appropriate clothing...

  • Layers - It's always a good idea to bring an additional layer even on mild days as the weather could change whilst out on tour

  • Waterproof - it's always a good idea to bring a lightweight waterproof

  • Gloves (if cold) - waterproof also preferably

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks - maybe some fruit, some nuts



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