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Why start Gallus Pedals Bike Tours?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

If you're reading this then we are guessing you may have already read our About Us section on our website.

So assuming you are very keen, we've asked Founder Martin to elaborate a little here...

Firstly, doing a tour in any city is great and my favourite kind of tour are bike tours. I've done bike tours in all kinds of destinations in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. It's the best way to really get a feel for a city as you can see how the city connect and see how multiple neighbourhoods blend together. While walking tours can be great too and definitely have their place, you don't get the same broad overview and cover as much ground, both in terms of km and in terms of culture.

Secondly, Glasgow itself be a brilliant place to visit and live. After being away for 14 years and having lived in London, Melbourne and Barcelona, but being a born and bred Glaswegian, Glasgow for me is the everyman's New York. No matter if you are here for 5 hours or 50 years, there's always a new story around the corner related it's global significance and pride in its social history of ordinary working class people that underpins everything in Glasgow. It's got so much going for it yet there's so many misconceptions out there. I'd love to help Glasgow own some of the recognition that it deserves and continue to dismiss / ignore / scoff at the malcontents.

Thirdly, having worked for a variety of large corporate organisations who to varying degrees have some form of corporate social dimension, I've always been in awe of some organisations who really do place being a business for good, front and centre of everything they do. Creating a small organisation which is also a force for good is one of the main driving forces for starting Gallus Pedals.

One afternoon I took a friend from overseas out around our new neighbourhood on the bike to show him the various spots and explain what I love about living here and the differences (good and bad) versus everywhere else we have lived and cycled. It ended up a really fun day out with my friend joking that maybe I should try and do this properly...and we thought 'how cool would that be?'.

So following a whole lot of research and dusting off some of the many Glasgow books around the house... Gallus Pedals was born.


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