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Covid-19 UPDATE

We are fortunate that cycling is one of the safest things you can be doing to limit the chance of spread of Covid-19.  In general, we avoid risks where we can.  When indoors, we adhere to standard hospitality practices such as wearing a mask when walking through buildings and we practice social distancing throughout.  The health and safety of our guests and the broader community is our most important priority.   Please review some of our specific measures below.

Safety Measures

Some specific measures we have added:

  • In line with the latest guidance, we limit the number of guests on our tour.

  • We use hand sanitizer before touching all surfaces.  

  • All guests should wear a mask upon arrival and during any times indoors (e.g. collecting and returning bikes etc).

  • We try to minimize our time in any indoor space, such as collecting bikes etc.  Waivers will also be signed either electronically or outdoors where possible.

  • We encourage you to bring your own water however where required, we can share one with you

  • All bikes are wiped down following each use and just to be extra careful, prior to the next use

  • We practice appropriate social distancing throughout our tours

  • Guests should not come on tour if they are experiencing or have recently experienced any Covid symptoms or have tested positive within the previous 10 days

  • We encourage all guests to arrive at our venue in as safe a way as possible - you get extra bonus points if you cycle of course ;)

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