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Welcome to Gallus Pedals!

We make locals feel like tourists and tourists feel like locals.

We're passionate about people appreciating the rich social history of Glasgow - so we created a bike tour company to share our passion for it!

Gift an experience

Rather than buying somebody something that they may not want or need this Christmas, why not gift them an experience instead.  

This is not just any experience either.  We use reconditioned ex post office bikes, rebranded them and named after famous Glaswegian women, creating a truly unique experience.

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Our Guests love our Tours

Emma Squire

"As someone who has lived around the Glasgow area I thought I knew everything there was to know and thought I had exhausted all the cool stuff to do - I was wrong!  Perfect way to celebrate my birthday with a good friend. Highly recommended!"

June McIntryre

"We really enjoyed our tour - I’ve lived in Glasgow most of my life and I discovered things I’d never seen before. Really good fun and interesting, also felt very safe on backroads and cycle paths for less experienced cyclists, and the pace was perfect. I’d really recommend this company!"

Steve Mellor

"We had a blast! And shared some great insights and local history with us.
The lovely vintage bikes handled it comfortably.  Highly recommended!
A great way to sight-see Glasgow ( for locals like me or tourists) and to explore some of the quiet back roads and pathways."

Choose the perfect Gift

About Us

Hi - I'm Martin.  I started Gallus Pedals in 2021 mainly as a hobby - with the aim of encouraging people to make the most of what is on their doorstep in Glasgow.  A born and bred Glaswegian, I spent 15 years outside Glasgow living in the USA, London, Melbourne and Barcelona and have always thought that Glasgow really needs an amazing bike tour!  Also, was really keen to start my own business and try and be a business for good.  We would love the opportunity for Gallus Pedals to deliver an amazing experience for you.

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